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What Makes a Good Personal Injury Lawyer?


Personal injury law is a complex and nuanced field that requires skilled legal professionals to obtain fair compensation for injured clients. When faced with an incident causing physical, psychological, or financial harm, hiring the right personal injury lawyer can make all the difference in achievi...

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4 Things to Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury

If you're thinking about taking legal action or you want to obtain personal injury compensation, it's important to hire the right lawyer. Although you can technically make a personal injury claim yourself, this can be time-consuming, stressful and risky. Personal injury law is complicated, which is ...

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Working As A Personal Injury Lawyer: Here's What You Need To Know


We've all seen ads for personal injury lawyers on TV. But even among other lawyers, there are many misconceptions about what a personal injury attorney actually does. Here's what you need to know. Tort Law Personal injury lawyers practice an area of law known as tort law. According to Cornell Univer...

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What to Do If a Personal Injury Happens at a Retail Store


When going out for some retail therapy at a retail store or two, you never expect to end up nursing an injury for your trouble. But thousands of people every year with good intentions subsequently have an arm in a cast or suffer a life-altering back injury after walking into a retail store. What sho...

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What to Consider When Seeking Compensation After a Personal Injury


Have you recently sustained a personal injury that was due to the negligence of someone else? Are you now dealing with potential physical and mental repercussions either on a temporary or permanent basis? Sustaining a personal injury can literally have life altering effects. In a blink of an eye, ev...

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Motor Collisions the Most Common Cause of Spinal Injuries


​The most common cause of spinal injuries in the USA is motor collisions according to reports, with 44% of those affected by the injury having been involved in an accident on the road. It's believed that around 400,000 Americans are living with spinal cord problems, the vast majority of men between ...

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How to Determine the Value and Worth of Your Car Accident


Putting a dollar value for all the injuries, car damages, and other painful losses you have suffered after a car accident is not easy to do. Rosengard Law Group noted that there is no precise mathematical formula to compute the monetary value of your loss, but there are several crucial factors that ...

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How Does Insurance Affect a Car Accident Case?


You may be having trouble understanding the impact of an accident on your car insurance premium. This information discusses some of the ways your premium could increase or decrease. It also talks about the best course of action to take during collisions. There are plenty of reasons for you to not in...

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Can I Sue Uber or Lyft After a Car Accident?


 The popular ride-sharing apps, Uber and Lyft, have created the modern taxi with the millions of subscribed drivers. These independent contracts between programs and drivers leave a few discrepancies when it comes to getting in an accident.  Prescribing a fault is very detailed oriented, w...

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Questions to Ask During a Personal Injury Law Consultation


The first consultation with your attorney is your very first chance to discuss your case with a professional and get to know if you are a good team. Here is how you can make sure that you get the best out of this meeting. If you have considered hiring a personal injury attorney to fight for you with...

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What Should I Ask A Car Accident Attorney During A Free Consultation?

The first consultation with your attorney is your very first chance to discuss your case with a professional and get to know if you are a good team. Here is how you can make sure that you get the best out of this meeting. If you have considered hiring a personal injury attorney to fight for you with...

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3 Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer


Being injured through no fault of your own is never a nice situation to find yourself in. Perhaps you were out shopping for groceries when you slipped and fell in the supermarket, or maybe you were taking public transport when the accident occurred. No matter how or where you were injured, the posit...

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If I’m Hit by Debris Falling from a Truck, Can I Sue?


 Commercial trucks transport a wide range of items to destinations across the nation 24/7. The cargo must be properly secured in order to avoid spilling onto the roadway. When any type of material or debris loosens and separates from a truck during transport, it can become a serious road hazard...

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How the Social Security Administration Defines “Disability”


 For many people, the term disability is a physical and/or mental condition or conditions, which partially, completely, temporarily, or permanently impairs a person. For example, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) significantly, completely, and permanently restricted the late Stephen Hawking's...

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Who Gets the Blame for Drug-Related Injuries?


Determining whom to blame for injury claims involving dangerous drugs requires meticulous investigation. Different types of lawsuits against guilty defendants can arise. Manufacturers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and their employers can be held to account, solely or in combination, depending on th...

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Filing an Injury Claim in California


Car accidents, regardless of severity, are emotionally harmful events that can have long-standing physical and mental consequences, not to mention financial ramifications. In a perfect world, people would have little to no difficulty receiving damages for their suffering. The unfortunate reality is ...

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How Independent Medical Evaluations Affect Personal Injury Claims


In personal injury cases, insurance companies may offer to provide an independent medical evaluation. On the surface, this may sound like a fair practice, but these evaluations are rarely neutral and are often used to counter the medical opinions and tests of the injured victim's physician. The goal...

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Children with Traumatic Brain Injury: What you need to know as a parent


As a parent, you are responsible for the overall health and wellbeing of your child. Hence, it is important for you to have a clear understanding about the common health conditions that your little one can experience as well. Apart from the common health conditions, you must also take a look at Trau...

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Do Worker Safety Incentive Programs Encourage Workers Not to Report Injuries?


Worker safety programs help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. To encourage employees to follow safety protocols, many companies implement incentive programs. But can these programs have the opposite effect? The Problem with Incentive Programs Employers typically implement safety incen...

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What to Do If You’re Hurt in a Slip & Fall

When you step onto or enter private property — whether it's a commercial business or a person's home — it's reasonable to expect that the property will be free of premises defects such as uneven floors, slick surfaces, or other trip hazards. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. What happens i...

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